Pressure washing Services Melbourne

Power Washing

Pressure Cleaning or Power Washing is the process of using high pressured water on surfaces to remove dirt and grim.

Softwash Cleaning

Soft Washing is a low pressure approach to clean your homes exterior. the method entails applying a formulated cleaning solution to an area, allowing dwell time and subsequently rinsing that area with water. Removing any dirt and grime for the treated area.

House Washing 

House washing is a fantastic way to keep your home looking great all year round. Not only does it increase the curb appeal of your home, it also extends the life of the siding as the dirt and grim can degrade the paint over time.

Roof Cleaning

Revive your roof’s glory with Eastern Pressure! Our expert team ensures the pristine cleanliness your roof deserves. Say goodbye to dirt, mold, and stains, as we rejuvenate your home’s exterior. Unleash newfound curb appeal today!

Graffiti Removal

At Eastern Pressure, we’re not just erasing graffiti – we’re erasing headaches and worries. With our expertise, we know exactly which chemical to use for every graffiti removal challenge. Say farewell to unsightly tags and hello to a spotless façade.

Driveway Cleaning

Having your driveway pressure cleaned is an unbeatable way to instantly and cost effectively  revitalise your home.

Commercial  Cleaning

Eastern Pressure commercial Power washing. our expert pressure washing team doesn’t only do residential work, we offer a wide ranger of commercial pressure cleaning jobs. for more info please refer to the commercial pressure cleaning page.

Window Cleaning 

At Eastern Pressure, we’ve mastered the art of window cleaning. Our team uses a deionisation system to purify the water. using pure water mean the window drys crystal clear with no need to squeegee the glass. With meticulous attention and unparalleled skill, we transform smudged panes into crystal canvases. Elevate your view and showcase your space with Eastern Pressure window cleaning.

Paver & Concrete Cleaning

Pressure cleaning combine with post treatment chemical can really transform the look of your outdoor paved and concrete areas. 

Best Soft Washing Services in Melbourne 

Investing in pressure cleaning is a smart decision for homeowners looking to revitalize their property and increase its value. not only enhancing your home’s curb appeal, but it also protects your investment and extends the lifespan of your siding, roof, and other exterior surfaces.


before and after, clean and dirty bricks
an employee cleaning the exterior of a house with a pressure cleaner

Power Washing Service near me

At Eastern pressure we offer a wide range of Softwash cleaning services including roof cleaning, house washing and any other outdoor surfaces. At our company, we understand that each property has its own specific requirements. That’s why we tailor our cleaning solutions and techniques to suit the unique needs of your property. Rest assured, our team is committed to consistently providing outstanding soft washing results for you.

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